09 December 2019

December Hiatus

Hey guys,

Just taking a break from posting for most of December. I'm focusing on actually generating as much content to actually run a game. I'll start writing it up into formal posts starting in January.

See you then!


  1. You've been on a hot streak. Looking forward to seeing more when you get back!

    1. I actually feel like I've been even hotter since I stopped writing blog-specific content and just focusing on gameable notes. Having to make it presentable was slowing me down and getting me a little bogged. I'm feeling good about what I have going on and am getting kind of jonesed to actually run it for someone.

  2. I’ve been enjoying your blog. It has rekindled my interest in the genre and the game. I always liked CP2013, then 2020. Just didn’t get much chance to play it for anything more than a few simple scenarios - my other gaming friends didn’t like it. Too deadly - they preferred Traveller and GURPS. Hopefully in 2020 a bunch of other players I’ve gamed with the last 15+ years might be prepared to give it a try.

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